1998 Graduated from Hannou vocational training school
2000 Joined Leeds marquetry group
2001 Graduated from Leeds college of Art & Design
Worked in Shaw & Riley
2001 Article in York newspaper
2003 Sofa table was introduced in the bookhThe Marquetry Courseh
2003 Back to Japan
2004 Established workshop "Wood Art HAS"
  Joined a group of Japanese craft men
  Started to teach marquetry
Joined the furniture workshop as a marquetry inlayer
2011 Article in Yorkshire Living
2013 Running my own bussiness as "Wood Art HAS"
2015 Worked with Craig Hamilton
2016 Closed the Marquetry class.
2020 Introduced in the book "The classic Marquetry Course".

Marquetry inlayer
Tomoko Hasuo